W2350×D300×H480 mm
dry glass plate, stainless steel, mirror

The pedestrian of town of Tokyo is the theme of this work.
The scenery of pedestrian in town of Tokyo has fluid and vague transparency. It is perhaps because enormous amount of people have been intersecting and dissipating all the time heading toward to each aims. And the most of the pedestrians are unspecified and have less direct connection to each other, so that it is though to be becoming a part of one big aggregation.
In this work, the transparency of glass and the contrasting density of photography is very important aspects.To gain the characteristic of the transparency, the traditional way of printing called “dray glass plate” has been used to make this work. Using the technique of dry glass plate, the transparency of glass itself will be remain still after the printing and at the same time, the printing images has an unique texture that differs from printing today. In the structure of overall, the glasses are cut in slits to create the effect of chain of mass intersection and reflection of images of pedestrian.