W124×D124×H500 mm
W124×D124×H500 mm
W245×D120×H120 mm
W180×D35×H180 mm
glass, film

During field work of the town, there are lots of rainy days in Tokyo and people put umbrella up in the rain. Watching in downward viewing these umbrellas from the top of buildings, these umbrellas start to look like living creature. While watching umbrella going through the cross, the image of jellyfishes floating in water comes cross and overlaps to the movement of umbrellas. In the cross, people gather together and dissipate repeatably and because of umbrellas, this movement is emphasized and becomes very observable. And circular form of umbrellas and the swingy movement created by walking people brings floating feelings. In this work, the umbrellas are put inside the glass as the metaphor of jellyfishes, and shaped the grass objects to the form of aquarium.